Exhibitor Demonstrations

Need to pick a manufacturer's brain or clear up some installation instructions? Top manufacturers lead interactive demonstrations of best practices and quick tips for smooth installations of their products.

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Scheduled Exhibitor Demonstrations

Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Collapse

Many Americans view adding a deck to their home as a simple, do-it yourself project. However, since 2003, there have been thousands of reported injuries and more than 20 deaths as a result of deck collapse. To help raise awareness about the prevalence of deck collapse and promote code-compliant deck construction, Simpson Strong-Tie will stage a live deck collapse on-site. 

The demonstration features two side-by-side decks, each 8 ft wide by 6 feet deep and 7 feet tall. Although the decks look similar, one is safe and the other is not. Come see if you can tell the difference while learning about the common causes of deck failure and the five warning signs of an unsafe deck. We also will discuss the critical connections on a safe, code-compliant deck. 

For more information about deck safety and to download our free guide, visit the Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Center.